亚洲风情久久日第一页:Skype reminds everyone it still exists with Zoom-like video chat option

In the aughts and early 2010s, Skype dominated the world of video calling. But amid the recent boom in FaceTimes, HouseParties, and Zooms thanks to coronavirus-necessitated social distancing, it's been nowhere.On Friday, Skype kindly reminded the world of its existence with a tweet.

'Lord of the Rings' cast reunite over video chat in a truly epic trailer

Josh Gad is doing the Lord's work.The Lord of the Rings' work, to be precise. In the clip above, the actor — who has recently been reuniting the cast of various classic movies over video chat calls —embarks on his greatest quest yet: finally, after all these long years,

Twitter's Jack Dorsey fact checks Trump, subtweets Mark Zuckerberg, ahead of social media executive

President Donald Trump will reveal an executive order designed to "regulate" social media on Thursday, after Twitter applied its fact-check label to two Trump tweets containing false claims about mail-in ballots.The executive tantrum,

6 of the best Squarespace templates for video

There’s a reason Squarespace is one of the most popular web building and hosting services out there: it caters to users of all web design skill levels thanks to its easy drag and drop page builders, affordable plans, around the clock customer support, and modern template designs.

Narwhals buzz and click when they get close to food in rare, relatable audio

It turns out that narwhals don't just look like electric drills. In a wonderfully serendipitous turn of events, it turns out the big-toothed whales sound like drills as well.Geophysicists worked with Inuit hunters last July to record rarely heard narwhal sounds in Greenland,

Coronavirus lockdowns mean bad business for drug dealers, too

The fate of your favorite bar or takeout place may have crossed your mind during lockdown, but have you taken a moment to consider how your local drug dealer's been making out during the crisis, too?According to a new report by cybersecurity firm Sixgill,

HBO Max vs. HBO Go and HBO Now: What makes each service different

There are now three streaming services with HBO's name on them.?Wednesday marked the official launch of HBO Max, a hyped-up new streaming service that is entirely separate from HBO Go and HBO Now. You may or may not already have a functioning HBO Max account without even knowing it. No,

This endless wave pool is actually a massive LED display — Future Blink

“Wave” is a free outdoor display in the Gangnum-Gu area of South Korea. Read more...More about Tech, Art, Mashable Video, Led Lights, and Future Blink

Striking street art around the world reflects coronavirus impact

As the coronavirus drastically alters our day-to-day, at least for the time being, many have observed that life on Earth will never be the same. The impact of the virus and social distancing measures is apparent worldwide, and street artists are reflecting this new reality with their work.

The best sports movies and TV shows to stream while there's no sports

Sports are on hold indefinitely, and while some sports channels are airing old games to fill the void, watching a football game from 2012 just doesn’t feel the same as tuning in to see your favorite team compete live.There’s no way to replace live sports. I’m sorry, you have to accept that.

'Paddington' is a truly comforting watch if you’ve ever moved cities

Welcome to Cozy Week, where we'll curl up by the glow of our screens to celebrate all that's soft in entertainment. Pour yourself a cup of hot cocoa and sit by us as we coo over the cutest games, cry over the tenderest movie moments, and drift off to the most comforting shows.


苹果的生态系统逐步开放:从今天起,任何拥有 Apple ID 的用户将可以在 iAd Workbench 中开设账号,数天内即可上线自己的广告计划。

Hedgehogs Aren't as Innocent as They May Seem

Small, spiky and adorable — humans give hedgehogs a lot of breaksBut what kinds of motives and personalities do these critters really have?See also: 9 Sloth Facts Every Human Should KnowAC Stuart, creator of Noob the Loser,

通过PowerShell获取TCP响应(类Telnet) - @天行健中国元素


松下发布Lumix TS6和TS30三防数码相机

松下在在拉斯维加斯2015年国际消费电子展上已经推出了两款三防数码相机 -松下Lumix TS6和Lumix TS30,针对户外用户,易于使用,能够承受户外各种恶劣环境。

这略带科技范的三轮是泡沫做的 你还敢开吗?

在车展上从来不乏一些脑洞大开的产品,2015?北美车展也不例外。而这次抢镜的仍然是?4?年前那辆骚包的?Spira?泡沫三轮?——?升级版。在加入大量电子设备后,它看起来终于有了点科技范儿?! ?



Docker 的五个主要好处

Facebook video ads are coming — so look out, YouTube

Video ads on Facebook are right around the corner.Facebook will be giving video publishers an extra push to publish video directly onto its platform as it shores up its massive video platform, it announced on Wednesday.See also: Think Facebook is a media powerhouse?

Google may add doodle, emoji sharing between Android Wear smartwatches

Apple Watch users can send each other doodles and emoji, but those with Android Wear smartwatches haven't had the same luxuryAccording to a new report, this could soon change. Tech website Phandroid is reporting Google may push out an Android Wear update this summer to allow users to send messages,

“树”不倒,人不散—数据结构的核心 - 熊二哥