欢迎光临亚洲风情:Kitchen tools on sale to help you live out all your 'Chopped' fantasies

So you have a pantry of mismatched items that's somewhere between a doomsday prepper and an episode of Chopped. But if you don't have the right tools, the entire endeavor gets incredibly more complicated.?To make your cooking space more legitimate,

'Lord of the Rings' cast reunite over video chat in a truly epic trailer

Josh Gad is doing the Lord's work.The Lord of the Rings' work, to be precise. In the clip above, the actor — who has recently been reuniting the cast of various classic movies over video chat calls —embarks on his greatest quest yet: finally, after all these long years,

Twitter's Jack Dorsey fact checks Trump, subtweets Mark Zuckerberg, ahead of social media executive

President Donald Trump will reveal an executive order designed to "regulate" social media on Thursday, after Twitter applied its fact-check label to two Trump tweets containing false claims about mail-in ballots.The executive tantrum,

6 of the best Squarespace templates for video

There’s a reason Squarespace is one of the most popular web building and hosting services out there: it caters to users of all web design skill levels thanks to its easy drag and drop page builders, affordable plans, around the clock customer support, and modern template designs.

Narwhals buzz and click when they get close to food in rare, relatable audio

It turns out that narwhals don't just look like electric drills. In a wonderfully serendipitous turn of events, it turns out the big-toothed whales sound like drills as well.Geophysicists worked with Inuit hunters last July to record rarely heard narwhal sounds in Greenland,

Coronavirus lockdowns mean bad business for drug dealers, too

The fate of your favorite bar or takeout place may have crossed your mind during lockdown, but have you taken a moment to consider how your local drug dealer's been making out during the crisis, too?According to a new report by cybersecurity firm Sixgill,

HBO Max vs. HBO Go and HBO Now: What makes each service different

There are now three streaming services with HBO's name on them.?Wednesday marked the official launch of HBO Max, a hyped-up new streaming service that is entirely separate from HBO Go and HBO Now. You may or may not already have a functioning HBO Max account without even knowing it. No,

This endless wave pool is actually a massive LED display — Future Blink

“Wave” is a free outdoor display in the Gangnum-Gu area of South Korea. Read more...More about Tech, Art, Mashable Video, Led Lights, and Future Blink

Recruiters say soft skills matter. This training will get yours up to speed.

TL;DR: Impress recruiters with your soft skills after learning from The Ultimate 2020 Soft Skills Career Hacker Bundle for just $39.99, a 99% savings as of April 5.Hard tech skills are impressive and all, but recruiters say that companies look for soft skills, too. In fact,

Learn how to build a nutrition plan, set workout goals with this course

TL;DR: Learn how to stay healthy and fit with the Build Your Custom Home Workout and Nutrition Plan bundle, a much needed online course that'll run you just $29.99 — a 98% savings as of April 5.It's more important than ever for people to stay home, stay active, and stay healthy.?Unfortunately,

First aid kits from MyMedic are on sale, great to have in an emergency

When we say "first aid kit, we don't mean "a stockpile of Band-Aids and gauze" (although these aren't bad things to have). We mean things that'll actually help in an emergency situation, like medication, CPR shields, alcohol prep pads, and thermometers.


「好的产品关注功能,优秀的产品关注情感」 趣味性、愉悦度,这些都是针对用户情感化设计的领域。 功能、实用性,这 […]


根据中国互联网络信息中心CNNIC《第34次中国互联网络发展状况统计报告》数据,截至2014年6月,中国网络游 […]

炫酷霸气的HTML5/jQuery应用及源码 - html5tricks


The Smartest Explanation of Why the iPhone 6 Plus Bends

Users have blamed the iPhone 6 Plus bending non-scandal on dozens of things, from the weak aluminum case to the crushing force of their own butts. But there's a very simple, structural reason the 6 Plus bends, and thankfully, someone has explained it on Imgur with moment diagrams and everything.

售 1,900 港元!紅米 Note 2 機背殼及規格流出

小米推出的大芒版紅米 Note 已經推出了一段時間,由於價錢便宜及性能不俗,因此深受用家歡迎。至於其後繼或會很快出現,因為今日有網民公開了據稱是紅米 Note 2 的機背殼圖片,而相關的配置規格亦同時曝光。

Microsoft Launches Outlook For Android and iOS

An anonymous reader writes Microsoft today launched Outlook for Android and iOS. The former is available (in preview) for download now on Google Play and the latter will arrive on Apple's App Store later today. The pitch is simple:

Verto Analytics Launches A ComScore Competitor That Works Across Devices, Sites, Apps And Games

Verto Analytics, a company building a comScore competitor designed to better measure digital audiences in a world where consumers now?use?multiple devices, is launching its measurement service to the public. Called Verto Content Watch, the new service is designed to offer a detailed look in apps,

Grownups Sext, Too

We know that sexting can ruin political careers or lead to arrests. But as long as both participants are adults, it’s legal, and a study presented last weekend at the annual convention of the American Psychological Association suggests that it may also be part of lots of committed relationships.

背靠小米+凤凰 一点资讯宣布日活跃用户达1100万


想创业也不用离职,谷歌打算成立一个叫“Area 120”的内部创业孵化器

为他人做嫁衣裳这事谷歌似乎不太愿意干了,怎么说呢?昨日,The Information 网站有消息称,为了遏止谷歌人才外流的现状,该公司的现任CEO Sundar Pichai 有了新计划,那就是在谷歌内部创建一个项目孵化器,不过这一消息尚未被谷歌正式确认。据Information说,这个很快就会被公布的孵化器叫做“Area 120”,将由谷歌的高官Don Harrison 以及 Bradley Horowitz来负责。前者此前主要负责Google监管并购事宜,后者是Google Photos、Google新闻等项目的负责人,还曾负责Google+项目。