亚洲风情欧美经典:A Norwegian school quit using video calls after a naked man ‘guessed’ the meeting link

A school in Norway has stopped using popular video conferencing service Whereby after a naked man apparently “guessed” the link to a video lesson. According to Norwegian state broadcaster NRK, the man exposed himself in front of several young children over the video call. The theory,

Deliveroo, Graphcore and other big UK startups say they’re being cut out of COVID-19 lending relief

The UK government, like a number of other countries around the world such as the US, has stepped up its pace in providing relief in the form of loans for businesses being impacted by the coronavirus health crisis and the related shutdown that we’ve seen across the economy and life as we knew it.

Stocks rally again as new COVID-19 cases show signs of slowing

All major indices rose Wednesday, led by the Dow Jones Industrial Average, which increased 3.44% to close above 23,000 for the first time since March 13. Investors seemed heartened by comments made by National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Anthony Fauci,

NASA selects Masten Space Systems to deliver cargo to the Moon in 2022

NASA has chosen a new lunar surface delivery partner from its list of Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS) vendors to actually transport stuff on its behalf – Mojave’s Masten Space Systems, which is being tapped by the agency to take eight payloads, including non science and tech instruments,

iFood merges with Delivery Hero’s Domicilios.com to challenge Rappi in Colombia

Latin America’s leading legacy food delivery company iFood and Delivery Hero-owned Domicilios.com are merging in a bid to take on the food startup Rappi on its home turf. The price of the transaction was undisclosed, but will result in iFood holding a 51% equity stake in the partnership,

TechCrunch Live: Join USV Managing Director Albert Wenger for a live chat Thursday at 9am PDT

Startups big and small, across all industries, are affected by the novel coronavirus pandemic. From Etsy to MongoDB, from Twilio to Foursquare, these companies are looking for ways to capitalize and ultimately thrive in what has become a survivalist landscape.

No-code automation platform Tonkean raises $24M from Lightspeed

As more companies find their workflows upended by remote work in the pandemic crisis, there are plenty of SaaS startups aiming to sell them a new path to streamlining processes. Tonkean is an SF startup selling a no-code automation platform to do just that,

LinkedIn plans no COVID-related layoffs until the end of the fiscal year

LinkedIn has no plans to make COVID-related layoffs until at least June 2020, the professional network has confirmed to TechCrunch. This announcements comes after Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff’s pledge last month to have no significant layoffs for the next 90 days.

Coronavirus pushes [email protected]’s crowdsourced molecular science to exaflop levels

The long-running [email protected] program to crowdsource the enormously complex task of solving molecular interactions has hit a major milestone as thousands of new users sign up to put their computers to work. The network now comprises an "exaflop" of computing power: 1,000,000,000,000,000,

US now has the world’s most coronavirus cases

On Thursday, the United States crossed an unfortunate milestone in the global fight against the novel coronavirus: leading the world in confirmed cases. By Thursday afternoon around 3 p.m. PT, the U.S. reports 82,404 confirmed cases of the coronavirus to China’s 81,

Inside Udaan’s push to digitize India’s B2B retail market

During a recent visit, Microsoft chief executive Satya Nadella reiterated his company’s commitment to India and revealed a new fund to help SaaS startups in the country. And then Nadella and Anant Maheshwari, president of Microsoft India,





iOS 8:Objective-C继承关系下单例模式的实现 - 米高 | Michael

**摘要:**本文描述了使用Objective-C语言通过GCD的dispatch-once方式实现父类单例模式被子类共享的一种可行的实现方法。### 关键字:GCD dispatch-once 单例模式 设计模式在Objective-C中,因无法将基类NSObject的分配及初始化函数设置为...


精华速读: 随着互联网的来袭,策划者们总是在绞尽脑汁得做着各种优质的产品。





Ayla Networks签下首家欧洲客户Innr Lighting

近日,Ayla Networks艾拉物联正式签下首家欧洲客户——荷兰照明公司Innr Lighting,业务覆盖欧/亚/美三大陆。Innr公司正使用Ayla物联网平台,扩展其智能家庭照明解决方案在欧洲的市场份额。图文来源:Ayla Networks


20 years later: 'Toy Story' animators, directors recall iconic film

Twenty years ago, Toy Story changed the course of animated filmmaking foreverThe adventurous story about Woody, Buzz Lightyear and their toy pals essentially reinvented the wheel, thanks to director John Lasseter's vision for computer animation. That technological advancement,