亚洲风情 48:GM commits $3 billion to build electric and autonomous vehicles in Michigan

GM said Monday it will invest $2.2 billion into its Detroit-Hamtramck assembly plant to produce all-electric trucks and SUVs as well as a self-driving vehicle unveiled by its subsidiary Cruise.

Tesla to begin deliveries of Model Y by end of first quarter

Tesla said Wednesday that production of the Model Y started this month with the first deliveries of the all-electric compact crossover to begin by the end of the first quarter as the company pushes to extend its profitability streak. Production of the Model Y is at limited volume for now,

NASA finds real uses for VR and AR in astronomy and engineering

Years after the advent of decent VR hardware, there are still precious few ways the technology has been employed as anything other than a game or gimmick. One team at NASA, however, has been assembling useful science and engineering applications, with promising and unique results.

Tesla shares jump on profitable quarter, Model Y production

Tesla continued its profitability streak in the fourth quarter, earning $105 million, results that beat expectations and sent shares higher in after market trading Wednesday. Tesla also announced Wednesday that production of the Model Y started this month, ahead of schedule. Shares were 6.

Microsoft shares rise after it beats revenue, profit expectations, Azure posts 62% growth

Today Microsoft reported its fiscal 2020 second quarter (calendar Q4 2019) results, including revenue of $36.9 billion (up 14%), net income of $11.6 billion (up 38%), and diluted earnings per share of $1.51. Investors had expected the company to report profit of $1.32 per share, off revenue of $35.

Facebook hits 2.5B users in Q4 but shares sink from slow profits

Facebook beat Wall Street estimates in Q4 but slowing profit growth beat up the share price. Facebook reached 2.5 billion monthly users, up 2%, from 2.45 billion in Q3 2019 when it grew 1.65%, and it now has 1.66 billion daily active users, up 2.4% from 1.62 billion last quarter when it grew 2%.

Self-driving company Waymo teams up with UPS for package delivery

Waymo will start delivering parcels for UPS using its self-driving Chrysler Pacifica minivans in Phoenix as part of a broader partnership with the shipping and logistics company.

UCSD hospital gets a drone delivery program powered by Matternet and UPS

Drone delivery may not make a lot of sense for food or parcel delivery yet, but for hospitals it could be a lifesaver. A new test program is being inaugurated at UC San Diego’s Jacobs Medical Center,

Adding India to your business

If you're building a large-scale technology startup, sooner or later, you should be having a conversation about the Indian market.

4 days left to save $150 on tickets to TC Sessions: Robotics + AI 2020

The countdown to savings continues, and you have just four days left to score the best price on tickets to TC Sessions: Robotics + AI 2020. Join 1,500 of the brightest minds and innovators in robotics and machine learning — technologists, founders, investors, engineers and researchers.

A.I.-powered voice transcription app Otter raises $10M, including from new strategic investor NTT DO

Otter.ai, an A.I.-powered transcription app and note-takers’ best friend, has received a strategic investment from Japan’s leading mobile operator and new Otter partner, NTT DOCOMO Inc.

Action Center in Windows Phone 8.1 allows an app to have up to 20 notifications, and more

Windows Phone 8.1 is slated to be the nest big thing for Windows Phone devices, bringing along numerous new features including a Siri-like?digital assistant named Cortana and a notification center called Action Center. New details have emerged about the Action Center,


Schoo 的教学内容有80% 是以在线现场直播的方式放送,并以LIVE 观看人数与2 周内登入1 次的会员数作为运营的KPI 指标;这么强调网路LIVE 直播而不是预先录好的原因是因为社长森健志郎认为,未来高品质的网路服务来自即时性,网站内容的品质来自于三个层面:第一是包含讲师阵容、课程内容的品质,这部分网站可以事先规划,让品质达到最好;但第二个与第三个层面,讲师与USER 之间的沟通与USER彼此间的沟通就必须要以现场即时放送才能确保观看的乐趣。

Kickstarter Drops Amazon Payments For Stripe

Crowdfunding platform Kickstarter announced today that it’s partnering with payments service Stripe, which will now collect and process all payments for projects hosted on Kickstarter’s?site. Since its founding, Kickstarter used Amazon Payments for this,


14天总成交达到1683.74亿元 西安2015年9月8日电 /美通社/ -- 被誉为“金融界双11”的中国平安2015“财神节”8月31日正式落幕。截至2015年8月31日24时,财神节历时14天总成交达到1683.


行业生态的发展有迭代和更替,新生企业、创新的模式为行业带来生机,而那些失败餐企给予市场养分、培育市场。餐饮 O2O 初创企业欣欣向荣的背后,也有一些餐饮 O2O 企业关闭、转型或者被收购。亿欧网按事件发展顺 ... ...

The most terrifying runaway inflatable balloons of 2015

Inflatable balloons may look sweet and innocent from the outside, but some have a sinister side.2015 was the year that some inflatable balloons finally decided that they'd had enough and ran wild on city streetsSee also: The coolest kitchen gadgets of 2015While nearly all were caught or deflated,


北京时间3月24日消息,据科技网站AppleInsider报道,投资公司Piper Jaffray仍然认为虚拟/增强现实对于苹果的未来至关重要,但向虚拟/增强现实技术的过渡是渐进的,最初可能需要借助iPhone的普及。苹果增强现实技术专利示意图  Piper Jaffray分析师吉恩·蒙斯特(Gene Munster)预计,苹果将开始与第三方厂商合作,未来2年推出与iPhone配合使用的虚拟现实头盔。他认为苹果将在“Made for iPhone”项目中增添虚拟现实产品?! ∶伤固厝衔还谛槟?增强现实领域与第三方合作,与它投资开发CarPlay车载系统相似。

IMAX China 将召开2016财年上半年业绩发布电话会议

上海2016年7月8日电 /美通社/ -- IMAX China Holding Inc.(IMAX China,港交所:1970)今日宣布将于 7月21日(周四)香港时间上午7:30分召开电话会议公布并讨论2016财年上半年业绩。 欲拨入电话会议,美国及加拿大地区有兴趣参与会议的人士请在会议开始5-10分钟前拨打(888)263-2736。香港地区的参与者请拨800-903-317,国际其他地区请拨(913)312-9324。本次电话会议的会议号码为7159214。也可通过 www.imax.


据美国《汽车新闻》8月22日报道,日本三菱汽车公司正在美国召回82,436 辆2015月2016款车型。这些车辆的变速器故障会滞后加速过程。


致力发展两座友好城市间的经贸与文化交流 迪拜工商会宣布将在上??璐泶? 上海2016年11月1日电 /美通社/ -- 上海迪拜周期间签署的一系列合作协议为欣欣向荣的中国-阿联酋双边关系增添新亮点,并进一步展示出迪拜在中国经济文化国际交流中的全球门户作用。 双方主要机构在此次上海迪拜周期间共签署了十一项协议,合作范围涵盖公共和私营部门的多个领域。上海迪拜周由猎鹰国际发起、与上海市外国投资促进中心共同主办,并得到上海市商务委员会的支持。