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Stanford releases coronavirus screening iOS app for first responders

During the coronavirus outbreak, it's important to take care of the people on the front lines.?That's why Stanford Medicine launched a new app called First?Responder COVID-19 Guide.

Google searches for 'cat' and 'dog' have hit an all-time high thanks to quarantine

The internet is googling about dogs and cats more than ever and, honestly, I get it.?Times are bad: The new coronavirus has sickened more than 1.3 million and killed some 80,000 people worldwide.?Dogs and cats, meanwhile, are good.?

This smart beehive is bringing beekeeping into the future — Future Blink

Beewise is an automatic beehive that has several features which maintain the hive’s stability.? Read more...More about Tech, Mashable Video, Outdoors, Beekeeper, and Future Blink

This indoor drone uses UVC light to help fight coronavirus — Future Blink

The Aertos 120-UVC was designed to help disinfect essential businesses by using ultraviolet (UVC) lights.? Read more...More about Tech, Mashable Video, Drones, Future Blink, and Coronavirus

Tigers getting coronavirus is no surprise

The Bronx Zoo announced that one of its Malayan Tigers tested positive for COVID-19, with three other tigers and three lions also showing symptoms. Read more...More about Health, Animals, Mashable Video, Coronavirus, and Covid 19

How to effectively work from home with your dog

We spoke to Dr. Danielle Bernal, a veterinarian with Wellness Natural Pet Food, to get her advice on how to manage working from home while taking care of our dogs. Read more...More about Dogs, Mashable Video, Working From Home, Coronavirus, and Covid 19

Zoom attempts to idiot-proof itself with update hiding Meeting IDs

When it comes to securing your video calls from hackers and spammers, Zoom knows it set its users up to fail. But now a software update to the popular video-conferencing tool aims to do something about that.?At issue are Zoom Meeting IDs. The update, which can be downloaded today,

'Stories from the Show' shares a young John Mulaney's 'Saturday Night Live' audition

He may not work there anymore, but John Mulaney's Saturday Night Live stories are still a treat. Mulaney wrote for the show for five years and has hosted three times since then, including memorable anecdotes from the show in his standup and in SNL's latest "Stories from the Show.

Tesla wins Kelley Blue Book award for 'Top Luxury Brand'

Tesla's reputation as a top car brand is still intact even as car sales drop off while most people stay sheltered indoors during this pandemic.On Wednesday, car valuation group Kelley Blue Book named Tesla the top luxury car brand.

'Did I already have coronavirus?': People wonder if they previously had COVID-19, but the answer isn

In the age of the coronavirus, when nothing is certain and we must plot our every move with the utmost caution, some people are wondering if they need not worry quite as much. What if, they ask, I already had COVID-19 weeks ago but didn't realize or couldn't confirm it??

Hilarious new meme sees how movie posters compare their *actual* plots

A new meme making the rounds on Twitter highlights just how deceiving movie posters can be.While movie posters usually do a pretty solid job of establishing important characters and sharing witty taglines that give insight into the film,

Polaroid Now review: The most accessible instant camera to date

Polaroid Now$99.

Sending flowers to an essential worker? Here are 3 promo codes you can use at The Bouqs Co.

In the midst of a global pandemic that's keeping people separated from their loved ones, simple random acts of kindness can have a huge impact.?Sending a beautiful bouquet of flowers is an easy way to let someone know you care,

It's not just you: Snapchat is down

No need to keep opening and closing that Snapchat app because it’s not just you.Snapchat is down right now.Outage reports first started coming in shortly before 10 am ET. There have been more than 93,000 reports logged on DownDetector in the last 30 minutes. ed by Mashable’s parent company,

The CDC recommends wearing a face mask. Here's where to buy one.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) now recommends that you wear a cloth face covering when you leave your home. Practicing social distancing can be tough in places like the grocery store or pharmacy,

Take an extra 15% off your favorite smart home tech at eBay with this code

TL;DR: As of April 8, you can take an extra 15% off hundreds of home tech items by using the code "PICKSMART" on eBay. But hurry: You have until Friday the 10th to use this deal.?eBay doesn't get the credit it deserves.

It's pet adoption season — find out your pup's breed(s) with a dog DNA test

TL;DR: Embark is offering $50 off its Breed + Health DNA kit for dogs as of April 8 when you use code DNA50, bringing the price down to $149.Something good is coming out of our loneliness:

On your phone a lot more lately? You should get a PopSocket.

TL;DR: PopSockets is having a huge warehouse sale right now (ends on April 16), with over 150 heavily discounted products up for grabs.We'd be willing to bet that since you've begun isolating yourself at home, you've been on your phone a lot more often.

Photos of Steve Carell in Netflix's 'Space Force' have us very, very excited

Moving to space sounds more and more tempting these days, but the closest we're getting for a while is Netflix's Space Force, which premieres in May. On Wednesday, Netflix revealed the first photos of star Steve Carell as general Mark R. Naird,

'The Office' stars recall the cold open where Rainn Wilson went 'full out' Dwight

In case you didn't know, Rainn Wilson took his role as Dwight K. Schrute very seriously.On the latest episode of the Office Ladies podcast, former co-stars Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey chatted about Season 2, Episode 17 of the show, "Dwight's Speech.

Samsung's next tablets will have larger screens to compete with the iPad Pro, report says

In the world of tablets, Apple's iPad and iPad Pro are the standard to which other tablets are measured, especially with most Android device manufacturers treating tablets as an afterthought.?But Samsung is still trying, and if SamMobile's new report is accurate,

Samsung's latest batch of cheap Galaxy phones could make 5G more affordable

If you're in need of a cheap (and we mean cheap) Android phone from a big-name brand, look no further than Samsung's newest Galaxy offerings.

'Schitt's Creek' glances back as it moves ahead in emotional finale

Schitt's Creek ends with a declaration of love.?In the series finale, during a ceremony presided over by Moira, with Alexis, Johnny, and the rest of the town watching on, Patrick and David finally exchanged vows:

The world's largest selection of audiobooks is on sale for under £1

TL;DR: A three-month subscription to Audible is on sale for £0.99, saving you over £20 on list price.Amazon is really delivering on the deals at the moment, and has just released another impressive offer on its digital services.?

Lena Headey parodies home beauty tutorials with some 'tips' of her own

Just because you're barely leaving the house at the moment, doesn't mean you can't look your best.?On Tuesday, with the UK currently under government lockdown to quell the spread of the coronavirus,

London cabs will provide free transport for patients with coronavirus

London Black Cabs will transport patients with the new coronavirus symptoms who require assessment for other non-urgent health conditions to their local doctor.?

ExpressVPN is all about speed and security

TL;DR: A 15-month subscription to ExpressVPN is on sale for $6.67 per month as of April 8, saving you 49% on list price.First and foremost, a VPN should safeguard your data and identity, but there's a lot more you should consider. Yes, security is key, but connection speed is also important.

It’s not surprising tigers at the zoo got coronavirus

In the epicenter of the United States' coronavirus outbreak, even the lions and tigers started coughing.?On Sunday, the Bronx Zoo announced that one of its majestic Malayan tigers tested positive for COVID-19, the respiratory disease caused by the new coronavirus. Meanwhile,

Apple commits to making one million face shields every week

In a video posted to Twitter, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced a company-wide effort to "produce and ship face shields for health workers."?Apple has further pledged to ship one million face shields every week. Read more...More about Apple, Tim Cook, Coronavirus, Face Shields, and Tech

Now is the worst time to buy internet-connected sex toys, but there are alternatives

In the age of coronavirus, masturbating is akin to a public service: You stay inside, get all the health benefits of an orgasm, and stave off the urge to break social distancing for some lovin'.That's why the recent spike in sex toy sales as ?COVID-19, the diseased caused by the coronavirus,

Jimmy Fallon's daughter adorably interrupts interview to report she's lost a tooth

With much of the world on lockdown and children home from school, interruption-free Zoom meetings seem to be an increasing rarity for parents.Just ask Jimmy Fallon. During Tuesday's edition of The Tonight Show he's mid-way through interviewing quarterback Russell Wilson and singer Ciara,

Aspiring developer? Get schooled in Python with this online class sale.

TL;DR: Jump into the programming world with with this Python course aimed at : The Ultimate aspiring developer for $49.99, a 92% savings as of April 8.For nearly a decade, JavaScript has remained the pinnacle of the programming world, with Java coming in as a close runner-up.

Need a second monitor? This gadget will turn your tablet into one.

TL;DR: Increase productivity with the Mountie Plus for $31.99, an 8% savings as of April 8.?Switching to a remote office setup can be both a gift and a curse. It's great because you get a break from your long commute and can maybe score the occasional extra few minutes of sleep.

Want to create professional videos at home? Here are the tools you need.

TL;DR: Get help creating videos at home with the iRig Video Creator Tool Bundle for $89.99, a 10% savings as of April 8.All this self-isolating has turned practically everyone into a wannabe TikTok star, YouTube star, or Instagram vlogger overnight. It makes sense, though.

Self employed? This app makes managing invoices a breeze.

TL;DR: As of April 8, you can get a subscription to the Fiskl Mobile Invoicing app for up to 91% off.Freelancing has quickly become a popular career alternative, with many folks turning to the work-from-home lifestyle to bring in some extra dough during these difficult times.

Buffy comforter review: Fluffy hotel bed energy, but more eco-friendly

I've never really seen my bed as a sanctuary because I've never been in love with my bedding. That probably makes me a bad Taurus.Despite the fact that I've never been a person who falls asleep easily, my sleeping preferences aren't finicky.